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Or, the overly-detailed account of how one science geek found enlightenment in the outdoors
Trip reports, photos, and commentary from New England, California, and beyond.
by Matthew Reagan: scientist, hiker, skier, guru.








1/17/09: Alcatraz, from Cloe, on a day when I should have been skiing.

"You'll never know unless you go." . . . "If you don't do it this year, you'll be a year older when you do." In a world where "recreation opportunities" dilute the experience, there is still a chance for salvation. What do you think? Where have you been? Check the dates--new material is constantly being added.

Dedicated to the memory of Simon Karecki (1972-2001)

Downhill: Resort and Backcountry Skiing

Is That All There Is? (May 2007)
(19M Quicktime)
Salvaging a dry season

A Day at the Beach (July 2006)
(35M Quicktime)
Independence Day weekend at Tioooooga

The Way Is (Still) Shut (May 2006)
(82M Quicktime)
Memorial Day blizzards

It's Nice to Be Here (May 2006)
(18M Quicktime)
A return to snow after a tough season

The Love Is Gone (September 2005)
(19M Quicktime)
What we did to get month #12

Saddlebag Summer Skiing (July/August 2005)
(30M Quicktime)
Months #10 and #11 of an excellent season

True White (June 2005)
(10M Quicktime)
The other side of a popular destination

"The Way Is Shut" (May 2005)
(16M Quicktime)
Eastside High Desert adventures, without Tioooooga

The Sun! (May 2005)
(19M Quicktime)
Why I need so much sunscreen

Seven Days Around Tahoe(March 2005)
(23M Quicktime)
It's amazing what 12'+ of snow can do to your vacation

Photo Albums:

(Partially) Untracked Abundance (May 2004)
A Memorial Powder Day

Telebration 2004 (May 2004)
Perfect conditions, perfect crowd

Spring Skiing '04 (May 2004)
There is a lot more to California than Tahoe

High Sierra Tour 2003 (May 2003)
A Memorial Day Corn Harvest

Ski This If You Can (February 2003)
Our ski week in Taos

Trip Reports:

Shasta: It's (Not) All Ass (May 2002)
A climbing trip that became a skiing trip

A Crash Course in Sierra Skiing (April 2001)
I could get used to this

Skiing Tuckerman Ravine (May 1998)
The classic New England rite of Spring

Hillman Highway (May 1997)
An epic Spring powder day

Saddlebag Summer Skiing (June 2002)
Boat-Accessed Big Mountain Skiing

Memorial Day (May 2002)
An Ellery Bowl Roadside Rest Stop

Tiooogaaa! False White Mountain (May 2002)
California's Rite of Spring

Round Top, Carson Pass, CA (May 2002)
Spring skiing--in the Spring!

Whistler-Blackcomb, BC (February 2002)
Whistling on steep and deep snow

Stevens Peak, CA (January 2002)
Spring skiing--in January

Mt. Dana, On Skis (July 2001)
Keeping the season alive

Skiing Tioga Pass (June 2001)
It's not Tucks, but...

New England Backcountry (February 2001)
Sometimes you ride lifts, sometimes you don't

Alpine Skiing (April 2002)
Wear a helmet!

My Name is Matt and I'm an Altaholic (February 2001)
Our vacation to Zion

Mad River Glen (February 2001)
We Can Ski It!

T2K: Tuckerman Ravine (April 2000)
Yet another rite of Spring

Uphill: Hiking and Mountain Climbing
Trip Reports:

Mt. Shasta: It's Not Ass (August 2001)
Our introduction to big mountains

Into Thin[ner] Air (July 2000)
A Colorado academic junket

Yet Another Pemigewasset Traverse (November 1999)
It's backpacking, not an adventure race

Huntington Ravine (September 1999)
Why walk when you can climb?

Winter Ascent of Mt. Adams (February 1999)

Winter Ascent of Mt. Washington (February 1999)
My first time up the Rockpile in winter

A MITOC Winter Hike to Mt. Pierce (January 1999)

The Ridge of the Caps (July 1998)

Chimney Tops (December 1997)
A Smoky Mountains junket

A Rainy Day in Zealand Notch (June 1997)

The Famous Franconia Ridge Loop (October 1996)
It's really all that

Mt. Adams via King Ravine (September 1996)

The Katahdin Knife Edge (July 1995)
The ultimate introduction to the Northeastern mountains

Photo Albums:

Sierra Sampler (October 2001)
Commuting across the Central Valley

King's Canyon, not Mt. Brewer (July 2001)
Big vertical with big packs

Mt. Dana, On Foot (July 2001)
A day at altitude

Backyard Hiking (June 2001)
Short trips in the Morgan Territory

Yo-Yo-Yosemite (May 2001)
The tourists go for a reason

New England Winter Hiking (January 2001)
Icy beauty in the NH North Country

Mt. Washington II and III (February 2000)
If at first you don't succeed...
...enjoy the ass-kicking.

MITOC Winter School (January 2000)
A collection of photos from my weekly expeditions

Spring, Summer, and Fall (December 2000)
Hiking and vacationing around the USA


"I'm a stranger here myself..." (February 2001)
A trip across the USA

The Tour de Savoie (February 1998)
Welcome to the Land of Lactose

Keeping Score

My 2004-05 Ski Season
Turns All Year!

My 2003-04 Ski Season
Where from here?

My 2002-03 Ski Season
Go big or go home

My 2001-02 Ski Season
A rousing success!

My Summit Registry
The 48 4000'ers and more

Winter Ascents
Yankee Mountaineering

My 2000-01 Ski Season
For the recordbooks?

Life, Home, Friends, and Family
Livermore and More and More (September 2002)
A tour of the Bay Area

Friends and Family (November 2001)
Just pictures, nothing fancy.

Best of Boston (October 2001)
Sights and places from my former home

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